Spider Glazing

We are specialized in fabricating spider glazing, and such products are made of high-quality steels and glass. As soon as we receive the specifications from the clients' side, we manufacture the spider glazing from them. Such products are extensively employed in different offices, complexes, and malls.

The system, which holds the glass by means of visible metal parts , which only cover a small part of the glass surface the fixing holes are drilled and counter sunk , countersunk bolts are embedded in the thickness of the glass, for small and medium glazing not exceeding seven meter in height and fifty meter in length, rigid bolted system or clasped glazing can be used but with care in design and installation. In modern bolted system knuckled bolts for the fixing of the lass are being used, instead of common fixed bolt . Knuckled bolts allow the glass. Submitted to wind pressure, to be flexible and make a continuous curve instead of a double curvature. It limits sensible the tension in the glass at suspension points. Bolted glass system is often used on main entrances elevation of the big buildings, so that any body can have unhindered view into the building.