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Newageglass offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of patch fittings available today, providing tempered glass assemblies that are technically sound and visually attractive. This range gives the architect or designer a wide variety of creative options for expression with tempered glass—either internally or externally.  fittings are based on a modular system, consisting of a base unit, functional inserts, and clip-on covers in a wide range of finishes. Glass preparations are quick and easy. Quality materials and thorough workmanship guarantee a long service life and a reflection of excellence for years to come. In addition to standard patch fitting solutions found in the offering, the Newageglass family may have additional products available to address unusual, curved, angled or other application challenges.

Fittings not only makes the glass assemblies look visually striking but also technically sound. Newageglass that powers this range guarantees impeccable fracas-free performance reliability. The elegant stainless steel finish (Matt and Polished) of the patch fittings augments the aesthetics thus enhancing their inherent versatility. These patch fittings are suitable for a glass door thickness of 10 – 12 mm and provide for widely differing arrangements – with corner fittings at different angles, with top or bottom lock fittings and with double or single action door fittings in single-leaf or double-leaf designs.

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