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Curtain walls glazing can be classified by their method of fabrication and installation into the following general categories: stick systems and unitized (also known as modular) systems. In the stick system, the curtain wall frame (mullions) and glass or opaque panels are installed and connected together piece by piece. In the unitized system, the curtain wall is composed of large units that are assembled and glazed in the factory, shipped to the site and erected on the building. Vertical and horizontal mullions of the modules mate together with the adjoining modules. Modules are generally constructed one story tall and one module wide but may incorporate multiple modules. Typical units are five to six feet wide
Curtain walling by design is positioned externally from the primary building structure and has the advantages of relying less on building structural tolerances for installation. The term “curtain walling” is related to the word “curtain” in which the product appears to hang on the building.

Curtain Walling differs from Shop front Systems in that they are designed to span multiple floors, and take into consideration design requirements such as: thermal expansion and contraction; building structure sway and movement; water diversion; and thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling and lighting in the building.
Newageglass Curtain Wall Systems are designed to suit an extensive variety of performance, operational, aesthetic and glazing requirements.

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